Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A crazy 3 weeks!!! In more ways than one!

I have just read back through my last blog update and my oh my how things have changed in 3 weeks. I think the term "what hasn't gone off in my life" is the perfect description for the past few weeks. I really don't even know where to start, from the end? Oh no, thats not right is it, the beginning.

My last post was written after I was enjoying a very quiet bank holiday weekend. That next week everything seemed to all happen at once in my life. I will keep it short and sweet about stuff in my private life as I don't like going into it too much. But my relationship ended. So back to being on my own. Changes everything in life it really does, some for the good and some for the bad. Anyways....moing on.

I booked a small job in the middle of some shifts at the casino channel and the start of a gruelling 3 weeks in the studio, doing a variety of hours. The job was for a supermarket magazine (who's name will not be mentioned ha). I was for the 2nd time since I came back playing the role of an older man and a dad. Really makes me wonder and look in the mirror and see if I am seriously aging fast! Fortunately although right this second I'm writing this I feel old, I don't think I look that old....(quiet everyone, no disagreeing with this statement please!)
The shoot was for their xmas magazine, sat down with the family with food etc in front of us all. What was very strange about this how shoot was the fact that they were shooting kind of from above so you actually couldn't even see our faces. I know some models who don't like shoots like that, but for me I really couldn't care less if my face is in or not, as long as the client pays thats the main thing.
It was a very easy shoot, a lot of sitting around and waiting and talking, but everyone was really friendly and nice and made it a lot easier and a lot more fun too. My "pretend" daughter was absolutely fantastic, she really was, full of personality and was so nice to work with her.

After this job I was back in the studio and have been almost everyday with the odd day off in the last few weeks. Then it was a day that was one of the most fun I have had in a very long time. One of my best friends wedding. The first one of my group of friends to get married and I have never felt so proud and happy for him. Someone I have known since we were very young, like 7 years old, playing football. Someone that growing up we had our up's and down's but someone right now who I can rely on and is always there for me if I need it. The best feeling is knowing that I am always there for him as well. To see him and his now wife together, just makes me feel so great, and to know some day that will be me.

Not much time for recovery from a heavy hangover and I was back in the studio the following night working through as many caffine options as possible to stay awake ha ha. The week proceeded with a bit of balance and structure. What I mean by that is that for once was on a regular shifts 4 out of the 5 days of the week, so found myself into a routine. I really thought to myself that I would thoroughly enjoy this change and to get into a routine that quite frankly with my work is impossible to achieve. But something about it just didn't feel right and I actually found myself getting bored of it very quickly.

Last week I managed to book myself a Commercial for Nivea which was great. It was rather funny how it came about because I had to cast for the job, but it was very very last minute. I was in the gym (I know shocking right) on the treadmill running away, breathing heavily and panting and sweating, and then my phone rings. It's my agency so I slow down and pick the phone up. I can barely speak because I'm so out of breath and my agent calls about a casting in London in 1 hour. She also proceeded to be slightly concerned about why I was out of breath and what I was doing ha ha ha. Embarrassing!
But my main concern was there was no chance I could get into central london for 1 hours time, so said I wouldn't be able to make the casting. So I put the phone down and upped the speed of the treadmill and started running again. Then phone rings one more time! I had just worked up a sweat and lost my breath again, so had the same uncomfortable conversation with my agent ha ha. This time I had about an hour and a half to get in for and they "really" wanted to see me too. So left the gym after only 20 minutes and got to the casting 5 minutes late (which I thought was an achievement considering how far I live out of London).

I was actually very happy, very relaxed and proud of myself for getting to the casting on time and making the effortr to go in. It paid off by getting the job!!!!!

I will do a post later on about the Nivea job and how the whoile set and crew etc was. But right now I'm off to enjoy some sunshine on a little mini vacation that I'm on.

Enjoy everyone, and as always any comments will be responded to straight away.

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