Friday, 30 March 2012

Time to Create my own fortunes

This month has been extremely quiet in so many ways. The auditions have dried up and the opportunities that were becoming apparent have faded away for the time being. It is times like these that makes it extremely important to stay self motivated and to look outside the box at any possible opportunities that could be around. My last post I was pretty down and since then I have been trying hard to snap myself out of the funk. Well, it hasn't necessarily happened just yet, and I have found myself at the gym near enough every single day this month!!! With nothing to do as a Model it is always important to stay in shape and believe me it is starting to become more difficult too!!! (I don't want to say that word 'age', but...) ha.

Some people have asked me recently what exactly do I do to get work myself outside of my agencies. There are lots I can do and here is a list of a couple of them:

- Vital and key, as discussed in a previous post, to network and to continue to keep in touch with important people that you are introduced to or that you meet. This for me requires making phone calls, sending emails and contacting as many people as possible to get yourself on their minds. You never know the timing of one of these connections.

- It is important to continue to search for jobs, modeling and hosting jobs via websites and google searches. My agencies will get me auditions, but there will be many jobs that they won't get. These are often the smaller jobs, but the ones that can be very useful when times are quiet. Craigslist can be great for hosting and modeling work. Even if these jobs don't pay much, they can be very useful for pictures of footage for me. In addition its like practice for when the bigger auditions come up.

The easiest thing for me to do out in LA is to pack my bags and head back to London. But I see that as a case of giving up. I do not want to fail. I want to achieve out here. Also, there is no guarantee that I will work anymore back home either. My visa situation is the tricky part of things too, as I cannot just go and get a normal part time job to tie me over. Everything has to go through my agencies. I just simply enough need to get a break from somewhere here and I need to influence this break by doing what I can to achieve it.

Modeling wise here in LA does not seem to be happening for me one bit. I wish I had the answers as to why, but unfortunately it is just the way it has been going. I do not want to make excuses, but its a tough city and with modeling castings being like a cattle call every single time, its very difficult to book anything. It's like a 150/1 or 300/1 horse winning a race against every single guy model in the City. Not an easy task.

Hopefully I will have some more exciting news to report on soon ha.

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