Thursday, 1 March 2012

VEGAS - for a nice little job

Last week I booked a lovely job for a company based in Vegas. It was such a surprise as it came out of the blue by a phone call from my agent. It was a job that there wasn't a casting for (which is always nice ;-)) and was booked direct. Basically the casting director or producer for the shoot will search through people that match a criteria set by the client. A shortlist will then be created and the client will pick direct who they want to book. Often the agencies will help to put suitable models up for these jobs as well and very fortunately I was picked as one of them.

The job was for a wedding section of one of the hotels out in Vegas and I had the role of the Groom! I have never been a groom before, best man a few times on shoots, but never a groom, so it was a first! ha ha.

It was a one day shoot, which meant a flight into Vegas the afternoon before the shoot. From LA, the flight is between 45 minutes and an hour, basically barely enough time to enjoy one beer on the flight! Landing in Vegas was so amazing for me. I love the place, full of excitement and some of the most incredible hotels I have ever seen. I travelled to the shoot with another guy model from my agency, who turned out to be a really nice guy, which is always an added bonus.

A taxi from the airport to the incredible Wynn Hotel, which was truly unbelievable. I have never seen a hotel like it. When checking in, I was told by the receptionist that I was going to be staying at the Encore, which is a part of the Wynn, which I thought was a downgrade. A bit disappointed, I trudged off on the walk to my room, up the elevator and on to my floor where I found the door, opened it and was truly gobsmacked! The room was just unreal! So big, so glamorous and I couldn't really believe I was staying here! This definitely wasn't a downgrade in the slightest. The only problem was that I knew I was only in Vegas for the night and that I wouldn't get to spend hardly any time in the room. Not that you want to when your in Vegas, but they are so incredible you just want to make the most of it.

I had a very early call time of 7.45am which took away any chance of partying Vegas style until late the following day, plus my professional hat was on and I wanted to ensure I made a good impression with the client of the job too. You never know what one job will turn into, and it can often lead to a regular client, which is how the top models make such a great living from the industry. Anyway, one thing I wanted to do was to explore Vegas a little and just take in the incredible city. One place I highly recommend is the Cosmopolitan. That and the Wynn are to me the best hotels in Vegas and was great to see them, though both were unlucky when it came to having a bit of a gamble...:-( ha.

Back to the work...Up in the morning, the most expensive breakfast delivered to my room! $50 plus and I didn't even have time to eat it all as I was in a rush, but it was cool with the electronic drapes opened and the rising sun shining through across the desert, it truly was picturesque. I find the room where I'm meeting and everyone on the job were so so nice and extremely chatty, funny and friendly and I really couldn't ask for anymore. Hair and Make Up and then the wedding Tux were on and I was told I would be in 2 shots.

The first shot was out on a golf course, with the most stunning backdrop of a water fall behind. At that point I really changed these pre consumed ideas of weddings in Vegas, as this was absolutely beautiful. With wedding shoots the shots are very smiley and friendly as you can imagine as it is a happy occasion. Little walking shots smiling as we walked was the first shot. Very simple and very effective.

The second shot was on a stairwell with a backdrop of the hotel and the amazing architecture that goes into all these buildings. A few cake shots, champagne "clinking" and a couple of walks and that was the shoot finished for me. Often with a wedding shot and a lot of shoots when shooting with a female model, the shot is about them and not you. A wedding shot is all about how the bride looks, so I certainly felt a lot more relaxed throughout the whole shoot. Pictures to come of my slick looking side par tined hair! ha ha.

That was that, but a nice job to get and always nice to experience different places to work as well.

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