Saturday, 19 May 2012

First Commercial in 3 years!!! Finally!

I finally booked my first commercial in 3 years! I will keep the name of the client quiet for now, well until I see it on the TV that is. Confidentiality agreements and all. But certainly I am not going to hold back how happy I am.

In my first 20 months working as a model, I booked 5 commercials. It was something that for me became the normal to book jobs on this scale. Then believe me it was a huge shock when that changed and after booking a Nintendo DSI commercial 3 years ago, I had nothing. I still went to numerous commercial auditions, callbacks, some options, but none booked up. Not only does my confidence suffer, but importantly my bank balance does as well. So I am over the moon to have booked this one.

More importantly it is my first big job here in the States, which delights not only me and my family, but my agencies too. Their faith in me has been rewarded and their gamble in getting me a visa is certainly now paying off. Without booking anything big, or getting regular work in over here, I have always felt that I let my agency down here. At times I didn't believe it would work out here, but whatever happens now I can be happy and proud of myself. Sounds cheesy, sounds like a load of crap, but believe me its something that has been on my mind ever since I came out here. I felt like a failure. But I am so pleased now.

I cant't go into detail about the commercial at this point, but what i can say is that it is a very very small world! Walking past me on set I thought I recognised somebody. But all of a sudden this girl came up to me with an English accent! I had worked with her previously 4 years ago on a commercial for a Portugese Mineral water company, shot in Lisbon. Random or what?! Couldn't quite believe it. And to top it off, I had my own trailer! Yep, my name on the trailer! I was like an excited little kid and couldn't quite believe it! I wish I could lie and say it had flat screen tv's you name it, but it had a sink, air conditioning, a radio and a mirror!!! Living the high life hey?! ha ha

Anyways, been a lazy week since thanks to my dog keeping me up all week. But start of a new week soon and I am ready to hit the ground running.

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