Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Current Prospects


Copy this link and paste into your browser if you would like to see a little montage from my Red Carpet debut and the event for 'Give Kids the World'.

After a lovely vacation (holiday)away to the Bahamas on my first cruise, which was great, I am now back to the graft in Los Angeles. The start of the week means a big email send out to all my contacts that I have made out here in LA. I had a lot of prospects before I went away, so I need to ensure that I have followed everything up.

Prospect 1:
After searching online on one of many of the job websites, I found a job that was looking for a male host. Following this up I found more details about the show. It is a type of dating show, where guys have a chance to find ways of approaching women. It sounds like a fun show to be a part of, and I am hoping to go in to see the production team this week.

Prospect 2:
Following up from the Red Carpet event with a brand new production company who are looking at really going for it. They are an exciting company and one that I would love to be a part of and I am hoping that this will be the case.

Prospect 3:
A reporter job for a local Santa Monica company, looking to update the local people about the events happening around the town. It is a job that I got confirmed for before I went on my vacation. It is something small, but it could be something fun, different and will build up my resume and my reel.

The worrying part of my prospects are that absolutely none of them have anything to do with modelling. Los Angeles is very quiet at present for the industry, which limits one of my opportunities to earn money and work here. I will continue to work hard to change this, but I know its going to take some time.

The one thing with LA is that it is the city for opportunity. It really is and there is so much going on in this town. Its like the tease keeping me hanging on when I see all these opportunities in front of my eyes. Positivity though! It will happen.

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