Monday, 4 March 2013

On This Morning in my Undies!!!

This is a post I forgot to put on here a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure a lot of my friends know about it and have seen the pictures from the job. I am getting a laptop soon I promise and can upload pictures with my posts when I do, damn IPAD, amazing things but can never upload pictures on! If you want to see these just follow me on twitter and check my pictures out. You will find me under jamesgreeninuk.

I have done quite a few little cameo's on This Morning before, some live on air, some pre recorded stuff. It's always fun when doing them, as the people working on the show are absolutely fantastic. Very friendly, very enthusiastic and always up for having fun whilst working. I guess they have to be for a show like that. In the past i have done a fashion show, been a carol singer and a handy man amongst some of my roles! But they didn't even come close to having to be in my underwear on screen! Daytime TV as well and having to stand there in a pair of boxers! What has my life become, and how on earth did I end up here in this position I will never ever know.

With This Morning, they always get you there very early, 7am call time, knowing full well we wont often be needed until half 11. We have to do a little run through before the show airs to ensure we know what we are doing, what way to turn etc (you know us models struggle with our right and lefts). So it involves a lot of waiting around, and a lot of chatting to everyone and anyone that you see. Fortunately there were 3 very nice girls working that morning, one which I have known for a long time, so was all good. (and yes lucky me, 3 model girls and me! OK life isn't exactly that bad is it).

The time of the catwalk, I was the last to go, which actually is so much better than being first lets be honest. I was waiting back stage realising that it was too late to stuff some tissue down my underwear!!! So yes it was all me ok! But if I did remember to stuff I would have been happy to join all the models who do the campaigns who all have another implement in their undies!! ha ha ha. Anyways...trying to forget about that, the next step is making sure I don't trip up or fall over! Now that would of been embarrassing. The hosts were Eammon and Ruth for the show this week and I got the feeling Ruth was rather happy when i walked out considering how all her comments made me rather uncomfortable! Including asking me to do a spin round just for her!!! It was very funny though and tried so hard to keep a straight face, which I struggled massively with!

Now the body...Well I have been very good of late, in the gym 4-5 times a week, eating properly and also as soon as I turned that corner and was on screen I was ready to "squeeeeeeeeeezzzzzeeeee". I did get the question of "do you tense or is your stomach always like that?" I so wanted to be cocky and go "No tensing, all me" but I couldn't lie! It was just funny and hearing Ruth after they cut continue to talk about me was very very funny, and amused the girls thats for sure. But that was it. I was on for about a minute, maybe 2 maximum and that was the job done.

I appreciate any work I get and even small little bits and bobs are always good fun and keeps me busy which is something I am always craving. Busy week this week and another post coming in the next day or so as some good work is starting to come in. Currently in Manchester right now writing this at a restaurant sat on my own! Yes I'm one of those people right now ha ha ha.

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