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This is probably one of the busiest periods I have ever had as a model in 6 years in the industry. With the mix of castings, options and jobs its really been rather crazy of late and something that I am very greatful for as well. My agency is working very hard for me at the moment too, putting me up for many jobs and castings and I seem to be re paying the faith at the moment. Times like this certainly do not come around that often and I am making sure I am taking full advantage of it and putting on the best performance possible during every single job. Now I know so many will be like "what performance can you put in, you just stand there!" True, but I always make sure I don't complain, I am easy to get on with and I have fun every shoot I do. You need to ensure that you are memorable, but for all the right reasons.

In modeling it is so important for us to get regular clients. Like hairdressers, personal trainers, its the same thing. Repeat clients can really help boost your wages and if a client becomes regular it is an absolute perfect situation.

TESCO - (shooting in Manchester)

The start of the week involved a trip up to Manchester to shoot for Tesco Online website. Ok, yes it might not be the most glamorous of modeling, but something that could become very regular which is the main thing. It's always nice to get out of London for a bit as well and travel around, all be it a lonely evening in a hotel. The shoot was only for half a day and the production company were extremely nice and friendly and very easy to work with. It was a very simple job, having front, back and detailed shots of a variety of outfits, from shirts to t-shirts to suits. Studio website shoots are never the most exciting, but its something that keeps you busy, which is the main thing.


This how shoot was simply brilliant in so many ways. From the casting to the fitting and to the shoot itself. I will break it down for you all and you will see what I'm talking about thats for sure.

The Casting

The casting was a week and a half ago on a day that was one of the worst for me for a long time. I was mopeing around town, head down, feet dragging feeling very very low. I went into the casting and just said to myself "suck it up!" When I walked in, there was a table with lots of different objects on them, from a dustpan and brush to a frying pan! WTF...We got told we had to pick one of the objects and use it as part of our character name for a superhero. After 5 minutes of thought, I picked up the "masher" and became, the masher! I walked into the room, putting on a positive front, and had to renact a scene of "the masher" how I would jump in the air and the masher becomes giant and I squash all the thieves! Then brushed myself off and walked off casually. It was pretty funny must admit and the room of clients and production thoroughly enjoyed it too! ha. Even though I knew it went well, the mood I was in blinded me to worry about getting it, but I did!

The Fitting

Wednesday I had the fitting for the job and knowing it was something superhero based, i was intrigued as to what i would be wearing! Low and behold it was full on superhero gear! A man made costume that i have to say was pretty funny, but made so well. Bright red and blue colours, loved it. With the outfit on, it was time to head into the room with the client and production so they could see what the outfit looked like. Sometimes that can feel weird when all the eyes are on you and they are analysing the outfit, but hey, its my job! The outfit was almost ready, bar some last minute adjustments.

The Job

The joyful English weather that we have, meant the morning of the shoot was pouring with rain and very misty everywhere. The temperature also dropped a great deal too, and as it was an outside shoot, I new I would be pretty cold for most of the day. The location was at a DLR Tube station on the platform and quite simply enough standing waiting for my train. We did some other video shots of me arriving at the station and one that was so funny. I was crouched down trying to open the tube doors with my "magic powers" and some random guy walks beside me presses the button opens the door and looks at me and walks in. I give him a look and stand up and walk in with my head down. It was very very amusing.

The crew on the shoot often make a shoot either good, or bad. Fortunately this crew were absolutely fantastic, like 99.9% of the jobs I've done. They were fun, relaxed, friendly, caring and just a joy to work with. Although I was freezing my nuts off on the platform, I was ok because of how great the production team and client was.

A busy week thats for sure and next week could be just the same. I have many options holding including a job in spain which would be lovely. I have a repeat booking for Tesco too, that is brilliant news for me and seems like it will become regular. Lots of promising castings next week too and also a callback for a regular presenting gig as well. Things are starting to push on with work, and I am one who just loves it when I'm busy. Such a great feeling of self satisfaction.

Thanks again to all that read my posts and hope you like them. If there is ever anything you would like me to talk about, or you have any questions, feel free to comment, or find me on twitter at jamesgreeninuk

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