Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Aiming to end the year on the up!

Well after a turbulent year to say the very least we are shockingly only 2 months away from it being over. I have had such a crazy year in more ways than one, but hopefully (touch wood) things are starting to progress forward.

I have come to a point with modeling that I do not want to become reliant on it anymore. In the past I rely on earning a certain amount from that each month but it has to be one of the most inconsistent occupations around. From a good couple of months to a month of barely anything coming in, it does me no good to worry about that. A conscious effort now on my behalf to focus my energy and attention on my presenting side of things and ensure that I have control in most of these. The harder I work on this, the more it will benefit me and unlike modeling, this is work that I need to work on and will do me some good in the future too. Modeling there is only so many times you can practice looking left and right and perfecting Blue Steal!

It's been an interesting transition at this point however as I have now moved to JACKPOT 247 on ITV and do their roulette show. A completely different format to the old place, where I will write a separate piece on to open up the ridiculous that went on there. Jackpot though is a breath of fresh air. Respectful employees with excellent communication skills, real producers, feedback (positive and negative - but any is a blessing) and a studio with 6 working cameras. For Live TV this is a great opportunity for myself to start pushing my presenting forward to the next level and I look forward to taking up the challenge to make a real difference.

Networking is so crucial in this industry and something that in the past I can definitely hold my hands up and say that I have been lazy at it. Not anymore!! I am constantly arranging meet ups with many contacts, whether just for a chat about work or to discuss any potential opportunities. You have to do this because if you don't many will.

Short but sweet post, but expect more from me and I might start posting once a week on a certain day. I will also post an insight into my old workplace and the ridiculous of what went on within that company.

AND finally I have ordered a new laptop!?!?! Yes finally after 2 years without one I have one on the way and I will be able to jazz up my posts and have a change in the look of the blog too. Thanks as always for reading, any feedback welcomed

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