Monday, 11 November 2013

Mevius Cigarettes Campaign

After a busy week at the Canary Wharf fashion show, I was very fortunate enough to book an advertising camping for Mevius cigarettes, who are the top Asian cigarette brand. It's been a little while since I booked a nice big job and a much better feeling after casting for the job. a direct booking is all well and good but to get a job from a casting is a much greater feeling.

First of all the job did not require any smoking before you ask ha ha (well its what so many people have asked ha). There were 3 models on the job, 2 guys and a girl. But the crew was big and going into the studio on the first day I instantly knew it was a big professional job, not only because of the size of the crew, but more importantly the FOOD! It's a sure fire sign that time and care has been taken to look after everyone when the food is good and it was absolutely fantastic ha. Anyways...sorry slightly side tracked there by the food ha. Into hair and make up I went (yes on shoots I have make up on - not my favourite part I have to say), but my luck was in as I was a bit of a scruffy mess and my hair needed a cut, which they were more than happy to do. Result! A quick shave as well and I was transformed from what some could describe as rocking the tramp look to a bit more human ha.

The first day involved a lot of sitting around, which strangely happens more on the bigger jobs. The reason was because we were doing individual shots and there were 3 of us rotating and doing 2 different shots each throughout the day. It does take a lot of shots to get the right ones done and even more so when there was a lot of movement involved. They wanted a lot of jumping, leaping etc which I'm sure to many sounds simple, but you need to make sure your legs, arms face, body etc are all looking normal. What made this even harder was the advertising agency had their images of what they wanted in mind and on to a picture script and wanted to replicate this. Something that is absolutely impossible to do, replicate a real life image. You have to try and get as close to the image as possible but just takes some time.

Day 2 started with huge excitement! Not for the shoot but for breakfast! There were these pots of granola, fruit, yoghurt and honey that were so so nice! (Its always the small things in life isn't it ha ha). But Day 2 was to be a much busier day as we had 4 group shots to complete. Now I was "male model 2" in the shots, which meant I wasn't the main focus. Now in the past that would of made me feel a bit uncomfortable and to take it personally. But after almost 7 years as a model, I never worry about that one bit. The main thing is that I am just pleased when I book a job and know that I am still getting paid the same and my role is still important, so you just make sure you do your best.

It was a long couple of days, but I wouldn't change them one bit and certainly would never complain about it. I love being busy, I love working and keeping my time filled in. In the past I feel I have wasted so much of my time sat around doing very little, when I could of made full use of it. I guess thats an age thing. But importantly I have certainly changed and know I don't want to waste anymore time and I want to work hard in order to be successful.

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