Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!!!!


I think my first New Years Resolution will be to sort out my technological impotence!!! (See the photo as reference to that) Another one will clearly be to get back to blogging more (again refer to the blog for this and my last post being in September!)

Anyways, New Year, New Start and all that bollox. I know I'm feeling probably the same as everyone else. That feeling when your on a mission to do everything you have been putting off for so long, to get organised, to get healthier, to get fitter, blah blah blah. I will try very hard not to bore you too much with that, because yes I am well and truly on a mission to achieve all right now, but deep down know full well it doesn't always work out like that, and something will crop up and distract you. 

An example I hear you say, well I kind of forgot I was going on holiday next week (I know just don't ask), so trying a "dry January" will never work. Add to that stag do's, weddings, birthdays etc, I just simply enough haven't the will power to succeed. I don't call this "Being negative" I call it simply "Being Realistic". 

I think there could be a lot of feeling like this above soon, thanks to my lovely girlfriend for buying me the "Insanity" workout DVDs for Xmas. I think she was making a hint that maybe I've put on a few pounds (or realistically been making excuses to work out less and lost a lot of my body shape), yes I can be honest people. But its something I really want to try and see if I can do it properly. The hardest part will be the fact that my work hours are so varied, its not easy for me to get into routines for diet and exercise, but again I guess thats me making an excuse again! Maybe I should just stop making excuses for the New Year.....OK I know I know, be more realistic again! 

I will be giving it my all when I recover from the worst bout of flu and infections I have ever had in my life over xmas! I will be sure to give some updates how it goes, even the moments where by the sounds of it I will be throwing my guts up, which as you can imagine I am thrilled about!

Ahhhh the dreaded work!!!! I even had to make myself go crazy whilst typing and watching that little gadget scroll over and over again. 

Coming up to Xmas I always dread the time for the reason that my work is often dead. Everything closes over xmas, which means its difficult for me to get any work in. Unlike people in full-time jobs, I don't get paid holiday time, so the panic often sets in. I manage to keep myself busy with my presenting work on ITV, which is always good, but fortunately this year after being slashed down with Man Flu x 10000000, I booked a couple of days shooting for Debenhams. It was great to be working, even though most people were relaxing and enjoying some time off, for me it felt great to be working. People may say to me, "well don't you miss having time off", and well I'm writing this on a Wednesday morning when everyone else is hard at work. I get all the time off I ever need, and so to have specific days like xmas, and bank holidays really don't bother me too much.

Now what 2015 has instore....

First and foremost, emotionally I am happier than I ever have been. I am more calm and relaxed and quite simply happy within myself. This might sound all "spiritual" but I promise you for me this is very important and something for the last few years I have stride to become. I've gone through the struggles and the battles and no doubt times will come where I need to battle once more, but I am in such a good place, happy being just me, no need to impress people, no care in the world if people dislike me, thats just life. 

Work wise it could be an interesting year and I will strive to work more, look for new opportunities and see where it takes me. I am hopefully (all fingers crossed until I sign a contract) going to be partaking in a new Acting project this year, which would be embarking in something completely different for me to get involved in. I will definitely be sharing if/when it starts, but its just always exciting doing the work I do knowing that I could be doing something completely different on the horizon. 

Anyways...Thank you to everyone who takes the time out to read through this and I hope it keeps you entertained a little and gives you an insight into my life a little more. 

I wish you all a fantastic New Year and may all your wishes come true

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