Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Progress on my Knee and on my return to LA

It's been a very quiet couple of days of work, so it gave me a chance to finally drag my lazy ass down to the gym and start getting myself back into shape. It also gave me the opportunity to give my knee some TLC (well some painful TLC anyways) and to start pushing forward the recovery period on it. After extensive physio this morning, I have been told that I am making progress with my rehabilitation, which is positive, but there is still a long long way to go. It is amazing how quickly you can lose muscle in your body, I just wish you gain it as quick! (don't we all!!!)

The next stage is continuing the gym work, which includes some cycling, cross trainer, constant stretches for my leg muscles and some leg work on the weights too. I need to give my knee the support it needs from the surrounding muscles. This will also be important at the 6 week mark when I have a review of my recovery and to see if the stability is good enough to not require an operation to fix my cruciate ligament. It is again a waiting game for me. I am once again standing waiting in limbo, not knowing whether I'm coming or going. This is very very frustrating for me yet again as you can imagine!

A lot of my near future depends on whether I need this second operation or not. I have so so much unfinished business in Los Angeles, that I need to be back out there to achieve everything I have been dreaming of since moving out there. I have the motivation to tackle anything that gets in front of me and to achieve everything that I failed to do when I was there last time. So, right now the plan is to go back late December after working as much as I can here and to stick it out. It also means being reunited with my girlfriend who by the time I get out there I wouldn't have seen for over 5 months! That as you can all imagine is a long long time to be away from your other half. But thanks to the advances of technology and most of all thanks to skype, it becomes a lot easier now a days (well unless Blackberry decides to have a holiday for 3 days!).

This post is just a sole update for those asking me when I'm heading back to LA and my current situation.

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