Tuesday, 13 December 2011

LA Bound in 3 weeks

I am finally returning back to the States to the heart of LA and back to Hollywood in just 3 weeks now. I have been back in the UK for 5 months and it is time I return to continue the adventure across the pond, to pursue my ambitions of succeeding over there and to also continue my relationship there too.

I have worked a lot back here, which has definitely stood me in good stead for what the future holds, building my confidence up to tackle the tough LA market and also has helped strengthen my wallet too!!! Something that should never be underestimated, as it costs a lot of money to make a success in new countries and markets, as you have to build yourself up from level 1 all over again. I hope that I can hit the ball running as soon as I get out there.

I will hope to get back to some football coaching and also hope to get back playing at some point too when my strength in my knee is back. I will never be able to play to the extent I was playing at the start of this year in the states, but I certainly hope to play a fair bit still. I will also look to invest some money to improve my showreel again and to improve my portfolio even more when I arrive in the states. What will help a lot on my return is the experience I had going out there at the beginning of 2011. Although this wasn't the most successful trip in regards work, I know I have built the foundations and know exactly what to expect and what I need to do in-order to be successful there.

A lot of hard work, a great deal of networking and an enormous amount of self motivation is needed to ensure that I can be a success in such a great city.

Back to the world where the serious stars live, including the two above!!! Back to LA Lakers time where my love of basketball comes out! Can't wait to get back watching it with friends over there and next time I'm at the game I will spend more time watching it than all the celebrities sat in the front row!!! ha ha Though sometimes they don't mind a sneaky picture as I've shown before...

First stop for me before LA is a trip to Toronto, Canada, a country I have never been to before! Really exciting to see a new place as you can imagine, though I have no doubt its going to be absolutely freezing!!!!!!

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