Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The End of a Dramatic Year and the Start of a New Year

The look in the picture above really sums up 2013 for me, serious, slightly confused, tense and un settled. Nothing in my life had prepared me for everything I went through, especially the first 5 months of the year. But the important thing was to end the year on a high and certainly to start m ovine forward with everything, work and my personal life. 

To end the year presenting on ITV felt like a huge achievement for me and something that meant I can start progressing more with my presenting. I had said to myself at the start of 2013 that I must move on from my old presenting job. I finally achieved that in September and couldn't be happier. It took a lot of hard work and ensuring I gave my all when I had the opportunity. It's a step foreword and I'm treating it as that until I make further strides forward.


There is only one place to start and thats with my Friends and Family. Not that I need to learn this, but just a reminder of how fortunate I am to be surrounded with the best support system I could ever have asked for. In the good and the bad times they have been there for me and for that I say THANK YOU. 

Learnt the hard way to not rush into anything "relationship wise", and take your time getting to know the real person, rather than whats on the outside. I turn 30 this year (still can't quite believe it) and I want to meet the right person at some point when the time is right. But I also know there is no rush to do this and I will know when the time is right. 

On from that, I have learnt to be happy with myself and to be happy and comfortable in my own company. The start of the year I did find myself getting anxious when I was on my own, but that is long in the past now.

To cut the negative people out of my life. This has been hugely important, but something that has made me feel much better too. Why do we have to have these people in our lives or give these people any time of day? The answer is we don't. If someone doesn't bring you good thoughts in your life then why keep them in it? If someone feels that way about me I completely understand and I wouldn't argue against that. Its just life.

Be grateful for what I have in my life and not to take it for granted. Sounds a bit "cliche" and a bit like a Miss World speech but its so true.


It starts with preparing and editing a brand new presenting showreel which is the priority and which I am to complete by the end of the month. Start getting that pitched out to some production companies and see what will come about.

I start ACTING CLASS yep you heard right! A 12 week course starting next week which I cannot wait for. Through modelling and the commercials I have undertaken, I have a lot of experience within acting, but at the same time no very little about the ins and outs. I want to add a string to my bow and feel this could be something that i will enjoy so much and could lead to something new. Regardless of whether any work comes from it, it will certainly help me with auditions, my presenting and certainly my confidence in everyday life. 

Watch this space is all I can say, because I aim to have a big year this year!!! 

Thanks as always for taking the time out to read my blog and I wish you all a fantastic 2014!!!

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  1. Nice blog! Very interesting. Kudos to you staying positive and following your dreams