Monday, 8 September 2014

No-one works harder for yourself than YOU

The summer has passed, the weddings, the summer nights, the fun, the playing has all now come to a close. I love the summer, but its also my most dangerous time of the year for me, as I become very lax when it comes to work, and what I have to do to progress within the entertainment industry. I didn't once go to the gym in August, becoming very lazy, unhealthy, eating and drinking lots, which yes was fun and yes sometimes its nice to take a break from the requirements of my job, but does it help me? Not one tiny little bit. Others won't take a break. Competitors will continue to network, continue to work out, continue to be absolutely ready come the end of summer for the industry to pick up.

BUT, one thing I am doing now is knuckling down harder than ever. Work is tough. There have been a lot of changes at my ITV job that mean there are fewer nights available to work as of this month. This put a lot into perspective and is another reminder that there is little if any stability with my work. Being freelance and self employed, at any stage work can be terminated and I have nothing to full back on. It's not like a full-time position where you get redundancy pay outs. I need to constantly be on the look out for more opportunities and to continue to develop and to improve my skills.

I have a few agencies that look out for me, modelling, presenting and acting, but they also represent many other individuals, and so will never give their full attention to you (which is absolutely understandable). The only one that can work as hard for yourself is YOU. It really is as simple as that. This is something that I am telling myself everyday to ensure I do something that could make a difference and take me a step further down the road.

There are always a lot of these quotes about on social networks, and I'm sure many people (like me sometimes) just ignore them. But honestly they can really help to bring everything to light, and to enhance your motivation to succeed.

Some opportunities arose recently to host some awards ceremonies, something which I have never really done before, apart from on a small scale in LA. I was very excited to be asked to host the Luxury Lifestyle Awards a week ago. It was a very fancy do, with a lot of complicated names to throw in there from Europe. And as you can see from the picture above I was being my usual "serious" self ;-). I like to have fun when I'm presenting, as its just a process of being yourself. I like to entertain and to be light hearted, which we all know watching any programmes that we love from a host. It helps add to the experience for the future but to also build up some new contacts to try and get some more work in the future. This worked perfectly at this event as I was approached by a new Presenting Agency/Management company and also could potentially have work with the clients and the events company in the future. KEEPING POSITIVE.

I was also asked to host the South-East Apprenticeship Awards as well. A more serious, scripted affair, but one that again I gained valuable experience from. I certainly learnt a lot, including that my reading level in school (which was pretty low) still needs improving on! Ha Ha. I know I can always improve and I know theres a lot I can do to ensure that I raise my game and become the best I can be.

Haven't posted for a while so I appreciate all those that have taken the time to read through my post. I hope in some way it gives you an eye into what I do and to also potentially help others too.

Many Thanks

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