Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Posh Hotel, Posh Car, Posh Bags and Me hmmmmm

The Hanbury Hotel and Country Club, an incredible vintage Jenson and a scruffy lad from Essex.....

Ok maybe not too scruffy here thanks to the stylist putting me in clothes that you would never normally see me in!

This was a different styled shoot for me. An editorial. A bit more serious, a bit more structured, but the visualisation (toilet paper word) is so much more impressive.

A fantastic backdrop at a beautiful countryside hotel, which I would recommend to anyone looking for an English break away (especially if you like your golf).

But the car! I!!! They seriously don't make them like this anymore, but there is something special about them. Now I'm not a "car" fan, however I certainly am able to appreciate these incredible wheels!

Short post, but looking forward to showcasing the finished images when I get them.

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