Sunday, 7 August 2011

Life back in the UK

It is amazing and very strange how in one country you can get hardly any work, and you move back to another and its non stop. But as my strange life continues, it brings about little surprise that this is the case, as it add's more confusion to my already complicated life.

After taking 5 days to rest up from my jet lag, I was straight back in the swing of things back at live casino channel Smartlive Casino. I am so grateful for everybody at Smartlive for giving me the opportunity to come back to the show after being away for over 7 months. In today's extremely difficult society, I feel very fortunate to be able to get some work as soon as I get back with Smartlive. Also, the advantages of smartlive is that it is Live TV and that you can often get the opportunity to talk about just life. This helps me get much needed practice for any potential presenting work that could come. I have set my sights on really achieving as a presenter and practice, like in any industry, is essential and this show really helps. It also helps pay the bills too ;-)

Modeling wise I have a great agency here in London MOT Models ( some fantastic people working their too have welcomed me back with open arms. After a little bit of time to get back into it, I had my first castings at the start of this week, 3 on Monday. I managed to get one of these jobs, a Malibu Ident, and was optioned for another one, which was a trip to Switzerland. A very good start by any ones standards, which delighted me of course. Then I managed to be booked direct for Burton's menswear on Thursday, a nice online Suits shoot, which could lead to more regular work. To make matters even better, I am working for House of Fraser on Monday too! So, work is going very very well.

Its just all completely different than that of modeling work in LA. The question I have been asked most about this is quite simply, why?
I have many ideas of why I believe this is the case, but there is nothing definitive to answer why. My ideas include quite simply not having the right look for the market in LA, the opportunities in LA are only for the really big jobs, where competition is at its most competitive, and my main idea is the way castings are in London. This is something I talked about in a previous post, and it certainly is the case when I get to cast in London and actually meet the clients. It's always a good opportunity as it gives you the chance to show your personality to them as well, which can have an influence on the outcome.

So life's been good, and been great to spend time with family and friends as always, as well as work and knowing that I am bringing in good income after a tough 7 months in LA. It's tough knowing that I have someone I love across the other side of the world and not being able to be there with them though. But I believe every job I can book here and every penny I can earn presenting here will stand me in good stead to move back to LA and to live our life how life should be lived.

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