Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Riots - an attempted destruction of society

This wasn't exactly the kind of news in my life that I thought I would want to be writing in my blog. I didn't realise how overcome with emotion and anger from watching what has been happening these past few days that I have become. I have been unable to keep my eyes off of the news reports, the live videos and the constant interviews with people across society over the matter. It has completely taken over my life, my thoughts and my mind and distracted me from all that I need to start doing to kick start my working life again.

The behaviour of every single person involved in these riots is absolutely disgusting. Some of them are showing violence, some are showing vandalism, some are showing thieving, some are arsonists and some are now even murderers. So many of these people are pure and simply opportunists, taking advantage of a very difficult situation that started with the death of Mark Duggen in North London. Worryingly, you could ask so many of these rioters who he is and they wouldn't have a clue. They are doing this because "they can". They are rebelling against the laws of the land and unfortunately they have no remorse for their actions and believe society owes them. This is a huge problem.

What angers me the most right now is that people are pointing fingers at each other for these events. The government, the local authorities, the police, the rich, the education and the parents. Let's be real, these young people are out of control. They are not a political movement, they are not protesters, they are pure and simply criminals. They are old enough to know whats right and wrong and they are the sole people responsible for their actions and should be punished. The only other people that deserve a big part of the responsibility are the parents and/or guardians. What on earth are they doing? Where is their control over the children? This is what angers me the most, as these rioters are just kids, and don't live in their own property, they live with parents or guardians. Parents need to get hold of their kids and start educating them from the home.
But concentration right now needs to be made to catch everybody responsible and bring them to justice. We desperately need a strong justice system in this country, which helps make everybody feel more at ease that these kind of people will be punished.

I don't like people blaming others for these mindless acts. By doing this, we are letting them get away with it and it will make them continue to do so.

The immediate future needs to be concentrated on getting them off our streets, helping people and businesses effected by riots and getting back to normal for all. It is only after all this is completed that we can start looking deeper into these issues and finding ways we can prevent this from ever happening again. Youth projects, better community links with the police would be a start and that has to come from the top end of the country, the government. I do not agree with those people calling for better education, as the teachers of our country work very hard as it is and for me education starts at home.

I am desperate for everything to calm itself down and to stop spreading around the country. It's upsetting for all involved and I hope it stops very soon!

My work has slowed as people are not wanting to come down to London or are expecting people to come into London if it is not necessary. This is affecting a huge amount of people!

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