Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I feel like a Juggler

In today's economic climate, work is at a premium and that especially applies for the entertainment industry and for actors and models. That is why so many people have to take on another job to be able to survive. I've done Roofing that earned me just £50 a day to try and help me keep up in a very competitive industry like modeling. The first 2 years especially in the industry are simply about survival. This is because you need to build your reputation up, your image, your client base and also build your portfolio too. It is not as simple as many make out to get in the industry and to very importantly sustain the work to continue being in the industry. It takes time, money and a lot of sacrifices to achieve this and also another job to support yourself.

I landed on my feet with my presenting job at Smartlive, but it becomes very difficult sometimes trying to juggle both modeling and presenting. The presenting is pretty settled and in a shift format each and every month, but with modeling it can often chop and change the day before. The presenting work is less flexible now, due to the company clamping down on shift changes. As frustrating as this is, I completely understand that the company wants to ensure they come first. But flexibility has been needed in the past to ensure I can make my shoots. This has changed in the recent 8 weeks and I have been just getting on with late nights and very much a lack of sleep too. Doing whats needed whilst the work is available for me.

(shoot from Mascot Workwear)

Long day and nights continued, but it ensured I had a fantastic month of November, culminating in a shoot for Superdrug Hair Dye. No, I didn't have to dye my hair for the job ha, just a simple shoot for the packaging of the product. It was a very nicely paid job, well at first glance anyway. What I mean by that is that the usage for the shoot was 5 years!!! This simply means that Superdrug can use my images from the shoot for the next 5 years to advertise that product. 2 or 3 years ago, this fee would have been absolutely huge and I would more than likely be lying on a tropical island right now if that was the case! But in today's very different economic climate, that is simply not the case and very rarely is anymore.

This is certainly not a post where I am complaining about the work. Like so many right now across the world, having to juggle so many aspects of their lives in order to survive and make a living, I am just one of the many. It is simply a case of doing what is necessary right now and it is the only way to go. There is no point in sitting back and waiting for something to happen, which is something I have certainly done in the past. I have that motivation right now that only I can sort and decide my future and if it requires me to continue to juggle work around and work hard for the foreseeable future then so be it.

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