Tuesday, 22 November 2011

RIP Sprite Cat

Today has been one of the hardest days of my life, having to put my cat down. He was 14 years old and we had him for over 13 and a half years. A cat or any pet for that matter becomes part of your family and something that is always around every single day. Pets are a comfort blanket for people. They give you the company that often you don't have else where. You become so close to them and look after them, are affectionate towards them and they return that pleasure.

Our family got Sprite from a rescue home when he was a kitten along with his sister (Pepsi) and their mum (Natasha) almost 14 years ago. Unfortunately Pepsi passed away when she was very young and a couple of years later Natasha went missing and never returned. So we were left with Sprite, the cat then when we first got him was scared of everyone and used to run away. But without the competition of the other cats, he became the main focus of our attention of course and soon came out of his shell and his fantastic personality came out.

I know that for many who don't have pets may not understand all my comments, but those who have certainly will. Sprite had a great personality, he was so affectionate to all he met, purring day and night and was just ultimately a very happy cat. All my friends loved him and during many classic "Bar Greeno" nights, he would sit with all the boys too, doing the rounds for as much attention as possible. Known as the "stupid cat" by some of the family (mention no names Dad) because he would hit his head on things and always run into his room for food a long time before it was ready. Just a very fun cat to have around the place.

Not my usual post but something that means a lot to me and brings about my soft side big time which is something I haven't really talked about in this post. Those that know me understand that I was extremely close to my cat and we will miss him like crazy and never forget him. The friendliest cat I have ever known, never once bit, scratched anyone.


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