Monday, 20 February 2012

Confidence in Castings in Key

It's been a really quiet couple of weeks since booking my first presenting gig and I am just finding myself waiting for the channel to launch and for everything to start flowing. That is a dangerous mentality and something that I needed to snap out of quick! After a cancellation of a bit of work, I found myself extremely happy with that as I had 4 castings to go to on Friday. As I discussed previously, castings in LA can be frustrating and it's something that I have needed to put to the back of mind. After a few words from my agent here, I realised that instead of complaining about them, I need to change my attitude towards them and just go for it. Let my personality shine through, so the clients can truly see who I am.

Somnetimes things work out and after a schedule change in my favour, I was free to go to the 4 castings, and felt a flood of confidence come through. I was keen to make the most of being around and to ensure that I make the most of the castings. To feel confident like that is such an amazing feeling. When you walk into a room and you really don't care who else is in there, as it is all about you. Focussing on you and the task in front is so important and I truly had that. Yes its getting deep again ha ha but these are things I truly am starting to believe in a lot, and all that "positive energy" that people often talk about too. It works.

The castings seemed to go well and involved the usual routine here to go through. No complaining, I just went for it and I have to say there were some fantastic casting directors as well, who really got the best out of me when I entered the casting room. It is very important to have a good relationship with the casting directors, as they are absolutely key to success here.

All in all, a successful day was had.

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