Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A day in the life of me! - no day is ever the same

I had a couple of requests recently asking me to describe what a normal day for me over here in Los Angeles consists of. I will try my best to do this, but people need to realise that not one day here is the same as each other. Working as a model and tv host, or even an actor, days can often change so quickly and you need to ensure you are completely flexible to adapt to any changes that may happen. For example, I have just booked a job in Vegas, which I found out about a few days ago. I was due to fly out today but the shoot has been delayed for 2 days, so I have to just adapt to this change and make the most of the delay (if possible). I will try my best to describe a more regular day here.


8:00am - 8:30am ALARM
- Now I have a very loud and annoying alarm I must admit, but I am afraid to change it incase I don't wake up, as I have been known for this in the past ha. Often I don't need to get up this early, but I find myself getting lazy if I just wake up when I wake up. It wastes the morning which i always feel is the most productive time and when I am at my most energetic.

- Worryingly my breakfast used to consist of 2 slices of toast with butter, and this was every morning. Some mornings I wouldn't even eat breakfast, neither particularly great for you. But now I have a bowl of cereal, healthy cereal (if what they say on the box is true!), and not forgetting a cup of tea! Yes, sticking with my english roots and will not go a day without one. None of this starbucks or coffee bean mentality, just sticking to a nice cup of tea!
- During breakfast I will catch up on all the news back home, reading the sun website (don't judge me) and also catching up on all my sport on the skysports website too. This is a morning ritual for me. I will also respond to any messages from friends or work messages and emails that may have come in too. Thrilling hey?! ha

- After breakfast, if I haven't got any castings in the morning I will head straight to the gym. It is a 15 minute walk to the gym from where my apartment is here in Hollywood. I have to say its a nice walk down the hill, past the Capital Records building and the W Hotel, also past the Pantages theatre too, so its very enjoyable. In I go to the 24 hour fitness on Sunset Blvd for my workout.

(People that know me most know that I am not a gym freak, I certainly like to eat my food, whatever form it comes in ha. But I am looking after myself when I am in the gym, so will give you an idea of what I am doing right now. It's a bit different due to my recovery still from my knee operation last year).

- 45 minutes to 60 minutes on the eliptical trainer. A tip, to make sure I stay on there and for the time to pass faster, I link my ipod up to the screen on the machine and watch 2 episodes of a tv show that I have on there. Often Inbetweeners, Entourage or 24. This helps me concentrate on that, rather than the hard work my body is actually doing.

- 10 minutes on the ab bench - routine of mine to differ my leg positions and I do 450 crunches in sets consisting of 50 reps. (No lie - it sounds a lot but it's not as bad as you think, just keep your mind occupied)
- Pull ups, so good for your body, using your own body weight to your advantage. 3 sets of as many as I can, usually no more than 10 as they are solid! ha. After a set of pull ups I will do 12 tricep dips, and then hanging ab work. Its like a mini circuit to work on different muscle groups.

- After recently learning how to do jump rope (or skipping as we like to call it), I incorporate that into a circuit again to work on a variety of muscle groups. 2 minutes jump rope, and I am getting better at it!
I do Bicep curls with a low weight but high repetition of around 36, varying the exercises on this.
I will do shoulder presses, again with low weight, high reps of around 50.
Press Up's of about 20 - 30 and varying the positions and use of equipment to adjust this throughout the sets.
AB work, which includes the Plank and work with the medicine ball including the 'alphabet' exercise and other great ball work.

This circuit routine will usually take 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how strong I am feeling ha ha.

- Sometimes I will finish with a 15 minute sauna to relax and have a sweat out!

- After my 15 minute up hill walk back home, looking up at the Hollywood sign which mesmorises me everytime I see it, I will have a protein shake, something that only in the last month or so I have started to incorporate into my diet.


- With my effort to take away bread from my weekly diet, I have started to vary having a chicken breast with cucumber and a Tuna salad as my lunch. Not that exciting, but again is the healthy choice.

Castings or Job Hunting

If I have a casting of course I would be preparing for it, whether thats picking out what I need to wear to match the description or learning lines, this would be the time for that.

However, if I don't have a casting then my day will be completely clear. It is so important to fill these days off, as it's not a holiday, or a rest day. Often I will go online and search through websites for at least a couple of hours, looking at what jobs are out there, whether presenting or modeling, or if something different comes up that I like the look of. I will scan through old emails, keep in regular contact with my agencies too and ensure I am responding to everyone I need too.

House Chores

I know my Mum and my Dad would not quite believe this, but I am the one doing all the housework at home. Yes the cooking, cleaning, washing and washing up are all my duties! It makes sense, as my girlfriend is out the apartment a lot with her work, and I have a lot of free time often, so its important that I do that. Plus, it keeps me occupied and stops me getting lazy and playing football manager or tiger woods or something (I might play them on occassions...;-))


Preparation of dinner for the two of us. Varies between something adventurous, like salmon, small dutch potatoes, with salad and a pesto based sauce (woooooooo), or could be spag bol, or pizza, whatever is in the freezer or fridge ha ha.


One thing a lot of you won't know about me is how tired I get in the evenings. It really hits me after dinner and I will often do nothing but chill out completely in the evenings. I am completely into my basketball at the moment and my evenings are now filled up with some bball action. I am a huge Lakers fan now, not sure if you have seen my tweets on twitter, but they are becomming more and more like my Arsenal ones ha ha.

You can see that my mornings and middle of the day are a lot busier and a lot more happens then rather than at night. I guess its the routine I have slotted into at the moment. I walk the dog during the days, which gets me some regular fresh air, which is important on weekly days off, when everyone else is working. I also do soccer coaching 3 days a week too, which adds more much needed variety to my schedule. But any day could change as quick as a light switch and I always have to be prepared for this to happen. Time for me to pack for Vegas now! Oh I didn't mention it earlier! I will do in my next post.

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