Friday, 8 July 2011

Back Blogging!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Apologies for going very quiet on the blog front! It's been a strange, crazy 10 months I have to admit. I wish I was blogging all the way through because so much has happened since my last update. I hope you enjoy.

What a year its been! From South Africa to LA, back to London and back to LA! I have so many friends who have been and done the whole LA thing as a holiday, but theres me in love and moving to the other side of the world.

That is her in the picture with me outside the famous Staples Center in LA, home of my new team the LA Lakers. Yes I am now a huge basketball fan, one of many changes in my life whilst I've been living in LA, Hollywood to be precise, tinseltown as they say!!!

My year has been so crazy including celebrating in the craziest parade ever for Halloween! I have never seen anything like it in my life! The costumes were absolutely crazy! (check out my facebook for more pictures) -
House parties galore including many in the plush area of Beverly Hills in some of the most incredible houses ever! This town really has got it all for entertainment every single day of the week there is an event, a birthday, a party, a film premiere, you name it!!!

I have countless stories, which I will start updating along the way, as well as telling you all about how my work situation is going and what life's like for me living, surviving and tackling this town.

Hope all of you are well


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