Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Landing in Hollywood on a 3 year working visa

Tinseltown was upon me and I arrived in January on a 3 year working visa ready to take on Hollywood and all that it had in store for me. I was extremely fortunate and lucky to have the amazing support of my girlfriend who has been living in this city for 4 years.

It was tough at first, as LA is a city where you have no choice but to have access to transport, a car to be precise. The metro system is not great and the buses aren't the best either. I quickly learnt that castings were all over the city, and LA is one big big city too! From Hollywood to Santa Monica, to Downtown LA to Studio City, you name it and the traffic around the city is insanely bad. But hey that's part of my new life in a new city across the other side of the world.

It was time to get out and about as much as possible, to start exploring my new home. I was straight into my agency, Wilhelmina and it felt great to start cracking the modeling industry out in LA. Castings were happening straight away, and I was also back coaching soccer to, just to keep myself a bit busier.

The one thing I loved about LA in January is that the weather is so so so good! It felt like a British Summer and it was winter time! Such an amazing feeling to experience these weather conditions, and I have to admit was great to be away from the freezing cold English winter.


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