Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Finding it tough going in Hollywood

I have described a lot about life in LA, the differences with regards castings and work, but haven't necessarily talked about how I'm personally getting on. I believe the time is now for that and to explain why I have returned to the UK.

In LA I was doing some football coaching to keep me busy and to get some money to simply enough be able to live out there. I was greatly appreciated to be able to do this as it kept me busy, kept me motivated, but more importantly enabled me to be able to put food on my table. Sound dramatic? Well its not. Having the responsibility of being in an adult relationship and living with someone requires you to be committed and sensible with everything. The coaching wasn't earning me a lot of money, but it was a necessity. With modeling work and presenting work not really happening over there, I needed to ensure I was earning enough to survive.

This was very different to how I was living my life previously and how I have lived my life in the past. It was a wake up call and a huge amount of realisation crept in. I had to do what I could and what was necessary, which included making a lot of sacrifices in my life and enabled me to find fun in different ways, which myself and my gf certainly achieved. It makes you realsie how important your own company is and that laughing, joking and ultimately smiling and being happy were the most important things in our lives.

Everybody says the same thing about Hollywood that it takes time and money to be successful there. They also say this great quote, "Its not what you know, its who you know thats important"
Its all about networking there and building your contacts and consistently keeping up to date with them, by regularly emailing, phoning them, but of course doing it in the right way. I've found how important it is to ensure you are an asset to people and that to prove to them how much you have to offer. It has opened my eyes up so much and although its been incredibly tough, I know it will stand me in good stead in the future.

BUT as with our luck this past 7 months, my life took another twist.

I have been playing a lot of football in LA, which has been fantastic, but unfortunately I played 1 too many games and this game I injured my knee. I got my studs caught in the turf as I turned and my left knee (the opposite to previous knee problems I've had) popped. Furtehr investigation thanks to an MRI scan confirmed I have torn my Cruciate Ligament and 2 other medial ligaments on either side of my knee! Just add's to the problems and limits my ability to work too.
Now back in the UK I require an operation and without private health cover I need to wait until the NHS is ready for me to have it done. Joy. So, when will I be going back? When I have the operation and am fully able to do everything I could do before that is the answer.

Hope that helps everyone get up to speed with where I'm at and how everythings been going


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