Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Milan Tomorrow - the adventure continues

Hi to my first couple of followers!!!!

Exciting times and nice to hear some good comments on my blog as well from friends and from people ive never met before as well.

So after a crazy day rushing round today to castings for a tv commercial (that im not sure what it was) and for a contact lens company, I am in work at Smart Live Casino channel 869 on sky. Here til 9pm. In the mean time I am trying to get all my passport details sent through for a job Ive been confirmed for in Milan!

Its for a clothing company (the brand I havent heard of before) but it has been booked through my Italian agency, Bravo Models. Exciting because its the first job I've received through them and hopefully if all goes well will see me heading out there on a more regular basis too. Its always good for guys especially to have agencies across the world as it simply enough increases the chances of more work.

Ive never ever been to Italy before so i am really excited to be out there all be it for a couple of days. But this is what works like, all very last minute, one day getting told your not confirmed for a big job and feeling angry, pissed off and wanting to throw it all in, to the next getting a big job in another country! Its like a yoyo!!! ha.

Will update more later on and continue getting everyone up to date with whats happened to me in the past too.


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