Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Smartlive Casino - Live TV Presenting

Hi all,

Have not spoke about this yet and thought I would do so to update you about what else I do for work and the need for another source of regular income whilst you are modeling. Since I started modeling in May 2007, I have been constantly looking for another source of income and work that I can carry out alongside modeling. Modeling is such an up and down business and the work is extremely irregular, you just never know when the next pay checks coming in. Stability in my life is needed at times. I've done all sorts of work, Roofing, Plastering, Rendering, Football coaching and I'm sure a few more since then. But none of these jobs were amazingly enjoyable and all were very difficult to do alongside modeling where I would never know what I was doing from one day to the next.

Then the opportunity came from Naomi to go in for a screen test for Smartlive Casino. My response was simple, "Naomi, if I'm sh*t then just tell me and I will forget about it", but had nothing to lose going in and giving it a go. Now, those of you who may know me, will know that I quite like a flutter on horses, football and a trip to the casino. So my knowledge on casino games is pretty good, plus been to Vegas before so had plenty to chat about!

Well the screen test was great, surprisngly felt extremely comfortable knowing exactly what I was talking about. And the hours and shifts are very flexible so absolutely perfect for me. Been there for 6 months now, but let me tell you what the work consists of.

So the roulette channel is 869 and have to present for usually an hour, spin a roulette wheel every minute, chat rubbish then spin again. It can honestly become extremely repetitive doing this, sometimes chatting the same things over and over again and does make it boring. But this is just experience for me and confidence building presenting on live tv. Definitely got the buzz to do more and more presenting must admit, just need to get my ass in gear and start progressing.

Other stuff at Smartlive after an hour on roulette is an hour sat on the live blackjack table dealing the cards. This is streamed through the wbsite and I have to admit is so so so boring! ha ha. Thats the truth of it, its just very dull and quiet over there, but again its a job so can't complain too much. 6 hours on air per shift with 2 one hour breaks.

The other presenters are all really nice and I get along with everyone great so cant complain.

Right the gym is eyeing me up and telling me to get my ass in there now so I must shoot!


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