Monday, 29 March 2010

My weekend at home - Love my Family

Hi everyone,

I feel I should tell people what I do in my spare time and what the rest of my life entails and all. So back very late from Milan Friday night and Saturday I was playing football for the 2nd week running after 8 weeks out after damaging my knee ligaments. I love my football, always have and been very sporty my whole life and don't want to stop it at all.

Play football for Harold Wood FC and a nice 4 vs 2 win was always a nice thing, though im a bit of a perfectionist sometimes and wasn't happy after as we were 4 nil up at half time and played bad in the 2nd half. Showed my stroppy side that can come out at time and especially on the football pitch ha ha. Those who know me know exactly what im talking about!

So on Sunday was my mums birthday. She got spoilt with special chocs from Milan and a lovely card. Simple but just what my mum wanted. We went out for a meal with my mum dad sister her husband his 2 kids and my niece Kaitlyn whos a little cracker. So sweet its untrue! And I got the added bonus of seeing my lovely godson in the morning at football and spent about an hour kicking a football around with him (hes about 20 months). Hes turned into teh cutest boy ever, so happy, funny and friendly and full of energy. Felt so cool to be able to do something with him and to see my niece too asb since ive moved to london and works picked up I dont get to see them as much as I want.

This post is just to tell people how much my family and friends mean to me and that i feel that is always the most important thing in life. I am sensitive at times and like that kind of thing.

Work calls! Update soon as got a busy week ahead.


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