Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Modeling - The industry and the real side


Modeling. Well I never thought in a million years this would be a career for me. As a young child I used to suck my thumb constantly causing my front teeth to stick out and my whole top jaw to move forward. This lead to being called Goofy a lot (that was a nice nickname) ha. So from that to being signed to one of the top model agencies in Europe, Models 1 was amazing! The agency were amazing with me and soooo friendly its untrue, not what I expected from an industry that is renowned for being snobbish, harsh, full of arrogant egotistical people, but this side of the industry has been somewhat hidden from me and I am very fortunate for that!

So my first job with Models 1, you wouldn't believe it but its been and probably will be the best job Ive ever had in my entire life! Nothing will beat it ever! It was a commercial for Esprit and their EDC brand. It involved a 4 week trip around the world, shooting in London, Munich, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Fiji and ending in Las Vegas! This is the link to the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jjWuDTbze4

look through it and see if you can see the various places I said we went too! I dont think you can, but what an unbelievable trip! Loved every single bit of it must admit and nothing will top that job to be paid to go to all these different countries was amazing and continued my dream on since shipwrecked.

Other jobs for Models 1 included work for Tesco, TK Max and Remus (mens suits) plus a lot more. Yes their not amazing brands for modelling but their popular companies who paid me well that kept me continuing to work full time as a model which was great.


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