Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Shipwrecked - the aftermath

Hi anyone who wants to read it,

Spending the day back tracking on some of my past experiences.

After I got back from Shipwrecked, I thought nothing could come close to the amazing experiences I encountered during my time on the islands. But nothing in my life prepared me for what was to come next. My reasons for going on Shipwrecked were simple. A fantastic once in a life time opportunity, an amazing experience, meet some new amazing people and to see a part of the world I would never have the opportunity to see. Not to become famous, or to seek my 30 seconds of fame, which I feel a few people probably had this on their mind. Not me.

However, what happened after, the popularity of the show, led to some amazing opportunities arise on my doorstep. As you can see by the poster thats attached to this blog, we were invited to all sorts of events and paid money to go to nightclubs and party!!! Its like a dream job for anyone who loves a night out. We toured the country going all over the place, to Newquay, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester etc etc you name it we were there and it was incredible. It was our 30 seconds of fame I guess, having pictures with people, signing autographs was crazy! But the one main thing was to keep my feet on the ground which I certainly did. Did not get too big for my boots at all. I was a normal person like everyone else and always knew it. Was never rude to people, was friendly and certainly didnt say anything bad about anyone else. (certain press cuttings in some magazines tried to stir up trouble amongst some of us, but just wasnt going to happen).

All the appearances (well most) were good fun, I was always absolutely smashed by the end of it and was the one driving the next day somewhere else. So for a few months I spent my time either being absolutely smashed or absolutely hungover! Always helped myself to a Twister ice cream the morning after these gigs! Seemed to have helped ha ha.

One memory of the aftermath which always winds me up the most is all these people that were horrible, rude, sometimes bullied me in school, came out of the wood work and tried to be my friend again! What did they want?? I wasnt famous? I wasnt rich? I just found it pathetic really, but like I said kept my feet on the ground and always made time for all my true friends which I was very fortunate to have.

But it all had to end sometime and it did when the show had finished airing on tv about June 2007. What was I going to do next? Most others went back to full time work of some sort and I didnt want to go back to my old job at all. The opportunity came up to join a model agency (which i thought they were crazy at the time)and I took it!!!


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