Saturday, 7 January 2012

Back in LA!!!

After being back in London for 5 months the time finally came to return back to LA, and what a great feeling it is to be here. It was great to be home in Essex with my family and friends on my doorstep and work has been fantastic too, but as I've talked about before I've always had unfinished business in LA and believe in myself that I will be able to achieve all I have ever dreamed about one day. Yes I went through hard times last year, struggling to get work out here, but I feel so much more prepared this year, I know exactly what to expect and I am a year wiser to focus all my energy on achieving my goals.

New pictures as you can see above and a better attitude this year will stand me in full stead for whats to come. Also, and extremely importantly after spending 5 months apart from my girlfriend, we finally get to see each other and build on our relationship. Something I always strongly believe that is needed in order to for other parts of your life to work out. It doesn't have to be a girlfriend, but having strong, positive influences in your life will always help you get the best from yourself. (Can you tell I've been reading some different books to my usual sport sport sport ones? ha)

It is incredible to be back and I certainly feel fortunate to have the opportunities out here. Something that I will not be taking for granted this year. Very importantly I will be taking advantage of the sunshine and the hot weather!!! ha. It's absolutely incredible! We are in the heart of winter and since I have been back the temperatures have been in the 80's (late 20's c for us English). Amazing what an affect weather can have on you.

This year is all about ensuring that I do not make the same mistakes I made last year. Prioritising work at all costs and everything that comes with it. This means getting back on a diet to reduce the heavy carbohydrate intake (no bread, pasta, potatoes etc) and hitting the gym hard and often to ensure I give myself the best opportunities to work in LA. I will be doing a bit of football coaching too to keep myself busy and active, which is made easier by the weather of course.

I definitely have an aim to take more pictures this year and to try very hard to update my blog on an every couple of days basis. So, look out for more on my adventures here, where as always I will show you all the good, the bad and the ugly side to my life.

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