Thursday, 26 January 2012

Booked my first presenting job!

I finally booked myself a presenting job here in Los Angeles! And I would never have thought I would have booked this one. The reason being is if you looked back at my post last week about "The tale of 2 auditions" and I asked which of the two do you think I booked up, you would of said the travelling trip to Asia, the one that I thought went great. Well, you guessed it, I booked the other one, for One Beat, a new online Music Channel.

This was the audition where I had a great chat with the clients, but I completely went blank when it came round to remembering my lines. But I am so grateful now that i am up and running and hopefully this will be the first of many.

It is a small job, and i could be just a one off, but as it is a new music channel, there is certainly a lot of potential there to do all I can to make it permanent. Perseverance pays off! I know a lot of people probably started to think that maybe it wouldn't happen for me in LA, and I completely understood where they were coming from, but I never ever gave up and this will give me more motivation to push harder and to ensure I start climbing that ladder fast.

The job is on Tuesday and I will have the weekend to prepare and to make sure I absolutely nail it. I want to ensure the client realises that I am a commodity to them and to hopefully be offered more regular work for them, that is the aim and that would be ideal. If that isn't the case, I will keep positive and will be able to use the footage for my reel to add to it and improve the quality of it.


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