Monday, 30 January 2012

Busy Saturday - including a callback...exciting...not really

Saturdays in LA are just like a week day and it is treated like that here. Something that I am certainly not used to is having castings on a Saturday, which, when I'm back in the UK, is my favorite day and my day off always.

This Saturday I had 2 castings, one was a callback from one of the five I went to on Wednesday. It was the Maybelline casting, where in the first one they just took 3 very quick shots of me and that was it. This time I was expecting a bit more from the casting, as it was a callback after all. But I was completely wrong. All that happened this time was the director for the shoot took shots of me with different expressions. This took about a minute and that was that and I was on my way back home. Ridiculous hey?! They often have up to 4 callback for a job, which is quite incredible. What makes these callbacks so frustrating is that you don't get paid for them at all. So you have to commit more time, more money in travel costs to keep on making them. The clients and the casting directors are very ruthless out here and do not care one bit how the actors/models feel constantly having to spend more and more to carry on getting to the castings. It is one of those situations where you just have to get on with it and accept it or find a new career.

The second casting was for Hyundai and it was supposedly a callback, but for me it was my first audition. This one was very different and involved a lot of movement and acting as it was for a car commercial. In front of the client and the director I had to act like I walked, got into my car and sat down in the drivers seat like I had just finished a busy week at work. As I drive the car I started to feel much more relaxed and happier etc. Very much a typical car commercial format. It was a good casting as the director gave some great feedback and helped me along the way, but whether that was enough only time will tell.

I arranged a photo shoot for Saturday as well, with a photographer that got in touch with me via a model website. These websites can often be dodgy to a certain extent, and you have to be extremely careful when using them. Fortunately for me, I have been very careful with people who are interested in shooting me, by researching them a lot and ensuring it is genuine and that the quality of their shots will help to benefit me.

The shoot went great and I was able to succeed in getting shots in the photographers pool, something which I wanted to add to some variety in my book. The photographer was great and very professional and I was extremely happy with the shots that i will get. There is also so much potential to shoot again to improve the shots even more and add some more variety to them as well. The 2 shots in this post are from the shoot and there will be a few more to come which I will put up.

A busy Saturday but extremely happy to keep busy whilst I'm here in LA.

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