Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year in Canada

It's been a while since my last post partly because of the absolute mayhem that's been going on the last 3 weeks! A 2 week stomach bug followed by 7 nights straight at the casino channel (something that should never be done!) before Xmas with my family and then to pack up everything and move back stateside. It started with an enjoyable trip to Canada for New Year, a country that I have always wanted to visit but have never previously had the opportunity too. So I was very excited about experiencing it, maybe less so to experiencing what temperatures that ere waiting for me when I got there! -17c was probably the peak, add maybe -5c for the wind chill factor and I was experiencing temperatures that I have never felt in my life. The term for describing being freezing has completely changed in my life after this trip.

I was staying just north of Toronto and was taken to the local bowling ally on one of the first nights! As you can see from the picture above, I tried cheating with 2 balls, even though they were pretty small! (no connotations intended) It wasn't the bowling that I was used to but fun all the same. I met my girlfriends brother there who is 14 years old and 6ft tall! But never having a brother growing up was always something I felt like I missed out on. Not having that competition in every sport or activity you play. So it was a nice chance for me to have this and I couldn't believe how competitive I got! I am kind of disappointed in myself for my overly competitive nature coming through considering I am 13 years older than him. Whether it was Bowling, Fifa 12 or Arcade games, I had to ensure I didn't lose! ha. Look below at the concentration on my face during the basketball game you get in an arcade...

It was a nice break away though for me, which has been a long time coming. Now, I'm sure a lot of you will be saying how ridiculous that sounds when I have spent so long in LA in the last year and a half, but I was there working, thinking about work and trying to get more work and not having a relaxing, stress free time. A bit different to my usual holidays considering how cold it was, but what a beautiful place and country Canada is. I was fortunate to see the CN Tower and to go up to the top which was one of the scariest moments of my life. See the picture below where I look like I'm happily chilling out lying back, when in truth I was absolutely s**tting myself as I was being held up by just glass panels (pf course which were safe, but still very scary).

The best of all for me on this trip was the opportunity on New Years Eve to drive down to Niagara Falls! One of the places in the world that I have always wanted to go to, and could not believe I had the chance to and on New Years Eve of all days. I have to say the place totally lived up to expectation and more. The falls were beautiful and completely picturesque as you can imagine. To see them during the day and then when they were lit up at night was phenomenal.

It was a perfect trip and a great way to get me started for the New Year ahead. Yes 2012 will be a huge year one way or another and I'm excited for whats to come. Next stop LA!

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