Thursday, 19 January 2012

A tale of 2 auditions

Today I was very fortunate enough to have 2 presenting auditions to go too. Both extremely different from each other in so many ways, and both outcomes feel completely different as well.

The first casting was extremely last minute, which is something you have to get used to in my line of work. You have to be ready to go in an instant, and fortunately for me I was today, up and about and not far from where the casting was taking place. It was for a "Travel and Culture Show in Asia". The job would be a month travelling around Asia experiencing every little bit of culture in these places whilst filming it all. What a great opportunity. This is what they were looking for:
- Male mid 20's to mid 30's (BOX TICKED)
- Out going, up beat, down to earth, positive attitude (BOX TICKED) - I think ;-)
- Good sense of humour (hmmmm will let you be the judge of that)
- Great people skills (BOX TICKED)
- Good physicality (BOX TICKED) - see below ;-)

- Strong Stomach - being able to eat different foods etc - with experience eating Lambs Tongue whilst on Shipwrecked and drinking the Fiji Kava in a ceremony whilst out there (which tasted like muddy water) I can safely say I am prepared (BOX TICKED)

As you can see the brief is extremely detailed and there was more trust me. But with nothing to prepare for, I was very calm and relaxed and just went in there feeling positive that my travel experience would stand me in good stead for this project.

The audition was in the form of an interview, which was not expected, but was very comfortable as it was just a chat with the clients about my past presenting experience etc. It went great and having so many experiences to talk about it helped a lot. I felt extremely upbeat when I left and to have the opportunity to travel round Asia for a month would be absolutely incredible. I have to try not to get my hopes up too much and to see what happens.

The second casting was for "One Beat", a brand new online dance music channel. I have known about this casting since Monday and there was a script attached which I needed to learn. I thoroughly prepared for this, learning the script off by heart and felt supremely confident going into the audition. But then...something happened and for some reason that I cannot explain, I became incredibly nervous. I have no idea where it came from, but although I knew the script I stumbled through it when it came to the right time. Nightmare! Fortunately I was given another chance and after a great chat with the clients I was ready again, stumbling again, but this time taking a deep breath and going back through the script and completing it fully. I was then given another script to read through on camera, which was pretty tricky and had to be read from the paper, but I did it OK.

Leaving this casting I had a very different feeling, one of disappointment and of letting myself down. It truly felt that way, as I had prepared, but let these nerves come out of no where on me. No one to blame, no excuses, just down to me. This was a good opportunity for me, as whilst chatting to the clients I got on very well with them and they seemed to like my ideas, however, I just couldn't nail the script when I had too.

Very much today was a Tale of 2 Auditions and should find out next week the outcome to them both.

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