Sunday, 22 January 2012

Look round Edelweiss Chocolate Store in Beverly Hills - 70 Years Old

I do not usually write about things that have nothing to do with work, but this I had to share with everybody because it was the most amazing inside into a chocolate shop. Not just an every day chocolate shop, but one that is a favorite with the biggest celebrities in the world! If you believe I might be exaggerating, well all I need to say is one name, Oprah. She adores this store and the incredible chocolates that it produces that i have to say are the best I have ever tasted in my life! Those who know me well, know full well I have a big sweet tooth.

(This is exactly what Oprah will be giving all her employees for Valentines Day this year)

Your probably thinking, OK it's cool that the big celebrities use the store, but whats so special about it? I'm right? Well, this chocolate store started back in 1942 and has been open for 70 years now. With the way the world is and the influence of "Big Business", this is quite incredible. More so is the location of the store, in the heart of Beverly Hills, home to the very rich and famous. All the chocolate is made in the store and they use the original machinery from 1942 to do this! Incredible right?

70 years on and the same machinery is still going strong today. What was amazing is that they purchased a replacement conveyor belt for their old one, but the old one works more efficiently than they new one. Same with so many old designs as they were built with sustainability in mind. The worlds changed now, as that is not a priority on products these days, as companies want consumers to continue to buy updated products.

There are over 70 different types of chocolates that are sold in the store, more than anywhere else in LA. The store is most famous for its marshmallow chocolates and its pretzel chocolates too. I have to say the "Cara mellow" (A mix of caramel and Marshmallow) is absolutely incredible and definitely my favourite so far. I plan to work my way through all 70!!!! ha ha

A truly remarkable place and I will be doing a video segment on this very soon too. It's just a great story of a family run business for 70 years still going extremely strong in today's society. I was taken back by the true generosity of the family too, for allowing us to go round the shop and have our own personal tour.

Check their website out

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