Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Walking around Hollywood to Castings

The one part of living out here that I love the most is when I can walk to my castings in the comfort of fantastic weather and some amazing sights. Being away from home it is always interesting to look at the scenery around new places and having the joy of being able to do this for work is even better. Plus, what great exercise too! I am currently sharing my girlfriends car if needed, but I am more than happy using my legs to get myself around. Today I walked 4 miles for 2 castings and to go to my gym. There is no chance at all I would do that if I was in London. First of all the weathers never that great and second of all the tube system is a lot better ha. One thing lacking from LA is a convenient rail system, mainly due to the sheer size of Los Angeles. But walking is always good for me especially when I look up at the Hollywood sign on my walk back to my apartment. It gives me that buzz and that feeling of being so fortunate to be in this place and also that extra motivation to succeed.

The first casting was for Chateau Denim, a contact that I found myself, which is so important out here. You need to ensure you are doing everything you can to find work from every single angle in order to succeed in this tough city. In the back of their store on Hollywood Blvd, I had to try on 2 pairs of jeans and was told I had a 31 waist and not a 32 waist! Result! Even after mas too ;-). There is a lot of potential for this job if they like me, with quite a few shoots in the pipeline with this company apparently, so will have to wait and see.

The second casting of the day, after a stop off at the gym for an hour, was for "Ballpark Franks", who quite simply enough are a big American Hot Dog company. This was a very simple casting where all they did was take a couple of pictures of me and that was it. Some are often like this and you don't get any time to chat or impress them one bit. So, if your look doesn't fit then its a case of being tough.

Home time proceeded with another walk back to my apartment to get online and start researching as many job opportunities as possible. The one thing I refuse to do this year is sit around and waste my free time. It's important to look through all of the casting websites in town and look at any possible way of getting some work, which could lead to bigger more regular things.

As they say, "I'm On It" right now.

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  1. Great post! Good luck with castings in L.A. I know you will do very well! ;)